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My name is Chris Kaas. I live in Ibiza together with my wonderful wife Ann and my two children Lucie and Jana. I made it to the top, earning more than 10.000€/month so I am really proud on the way of life I have now: I don't have to get up early in the morning or do boring work in the office like I had to do years before. Instead of working from 9 to 5 like everyone else today, I now can do all the things which I always wanted to do, I love surving, diving and playing tennis. Today I want to give you a chance to get to know my very own casino money maker system. And the best: It's FREE for you, I will not charge you anything for this amazing money maker system! In fact there are many great ways to make lots of $$$ online today, but what I used to create my own passive income is a secret roulette system which is still quite unknown in the public. Although it is hard to apply in brick and mortar casinos, my system works perfectly to exploit online casinos and cash out all their money to your own bank account...


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Generally speaking, in 2009 the internet is still a fast growing market offering lots of opportunities to make money for lot's of people. Every few weeks new systems appear that teach you how to make money online. Many people made huge financial benefits applying these systems, but others just ignored the thousands of chances to make money online. I recently read about a 17 year old girl who made over 1.000.000€ online in only two years. I think this is really awesome. Anyway I haven't made 1 million with my roulette system, but it was enough to quite my job and live a life of ease together with my wife and my 2 daughters. In my opinion one of the most important drivers for personal and financial success is to act quickly and not to miss chances, what in fact 99,9% of people are doing. Fortunately I was one of the clever guys who acted fast after I became aware of the many chances the internet offered me to make money online.

how to win at roulette
(This Is Me)

I think in today's world many people strongly believe in the sentence "Financial Success is for others, not for me" and constantly feel sorrow for themselves, while they are working themselves to death. Did your parents ever taught you "Work hard and you will be successful afterwards"? Yes, I know, chances are high that your parents tried to implement this mindset into your brain when you were still young. But I reveal you the truth: In fact this belief diminishes any chance to live a financially successful life, as you will simply miss the best opportunities to make money today. You simply will not realize their existance continuing to work yourself to death in your daytime job. Rule:


Financially Successful People Are Open Minded And Act Fast


OK, you don't have much time, so let's examine some systems that you can use right now to make money today. I will give you one great system as a starting point on your journey to financial success:

Perhaps you have already heard about the rising success of Online Poker. You come across Poker everywhere, on TV, in the advertisement and in magazines. Maybe even one of your friends is playing poker. By playing poker you can earn money, that's true and nobody will doubt it. But playing poker is not the easiest system to make money online today.

You have to learn a completely new game from scratch and chances are high that you will not gain enough expertise to make real money by playing poker. Therefore Poker might not be the best idea, but fortunately there are other methods to profit from all the online casino $$$...



The Easy Way To Make Money From Casinos

Online casinos offer, among other games, a very easy and well known game: Roulette.

In the game a croupier spins a wheel in one direction and then spins a ball in the opposite direction around a tilted circular surface running around the circumference of the wheel. The ball eventually falls onto one of thirty-seven pockets on the wheel. Each pocket has a colour and a number associated with it. Players place bets on either the number or the colour of the pocket or both.


  free download roulette



My Roulette System

Did you know that it is possible to Win Roulette Constantly?

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Playing only about 20 minutes per day, you will probably win up to 200€

My roulette system works efficiently and you can start right now.

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Your First Steps To Success

To successfully apply my roulette system the first thing that you need to do is download and install the software for free so that you can play at the casinos. Simply use the link below. I guarantee that any casino software you can download on this website is absolutely safe and will not cause any harm to your computer. When you start thinking how to get experience by playing at "online-roulette" you gain experience and fun without taking big risks and even can deal with good odds , also you might want to get even more experience in other casino games ,you shouldn’t forget that it can be done , it was done before and in present and maybe you will be the next one that succeeded to win the game. EU and UK-Players...

Update: Here are the 2 best casinos that made me the most money using my roulette system. Just click on one of these 2 links and download the casinos. I made with each of them over 300 EUR/day easily. Especially UK citizens download CasinoUK. Download this casino HERE <- Click here to start the download !



Canadian players download MapleCasino HERE <- Click the link


Important: You will get a free 1250$ bonus after you will have signed up at these casinos. This bonus is free, so you do not have to make a 1st deposit to get this bonus. After that you can play for 1 full hour using this bonus and keep all your winnings. Anyway please take in mind that the table limits for roulette when playing within this free hour is NOT high enough to savely use my roulette system. That means that you must make a small 1st deposit of 80-150 $ (or 75-100 EUR) and after that the table limits for roulette will be high enough - 2500 EUR at the moment. So my roulette system IS actually working here!

Click Here To Download The Casino Club Software

gambling system

If the link doesn't work, simply copy the following link into your browser:


Important: The Casino Software only works with Microsoft Windows. So if you are using Apple MAC please go to the flash version and sign up directly online. To play with the flash version please click here


US-Players Click Here

Rushmore Online Casino - Roulette 

As I examined a large amount of online casino software and finally came to the conclusion that the software which I offer you on this website works best to ensure a risk-free application of my roulette system, I strongly recommend to use the download-links on this website even if you already have a Casino Software installed on your computer. Some people have written to me that the casinos were banning them after using my system. Therefore only use "CasinoClub" or "Rushmore USA Casino". They will pay you for sure even if you make several hundred $$$ a day.

Disclaimer: Please do NOT try my system in an online casino which I don't recommend on this website as I cannot guarantee you any winnings in other casinos. Random Number Generation might be different and also the table limits differ, therefore there is a small possibility to get into trouble with them! Simply use "CasinoClub" or "LasVegas US Casino"...



My Roulette system in Detail

How to always win roulette constantly?

  • You simply chose between Red and Black and bet a small amount of 1€ in every round. Let's assume you place a bet on red. The wheel spins and red wins. Congratulations! You win the bet and double your bet amount of 1€.


  • But what can you do if the ball falls into a black pocket? You lost your bet. Really? Try the following and bet double the amount of the previous bet on red after you lost the bet before. That means you place a bet of 2€ on red. 2 possibilities arise:

    1. Red wins: You get 4€. This is double the bet amount of 2€. In the first round you have placed 1€, in the second round 2€. Adding these amounts you have placed 3€ on red. Due to the fact that you won the second round, you made a net profit of 4€-3€=1€.

      What can you learn from this? The loss you made in the first round didn't harm you. You made a correct decision and doubled the bet amount in the second round which protects you from making any losses at all. Hence follows that you always win at roulette your betting amount of 1€ even if you lost the round before.

    2. Black wins: You have lost two times in a row. Accordingly to my roulette sytem described above you double the bet amount another time and place 4€ on red.

      Let's assume now red wins, therefore you get double the amount of 4€, which means that you win 8€. To get this money you did the following investments: 1€(1. Round) + 2€(2. Round)  + 4€(3. Round), which add up to 1€+2€+4€=7€. Your net profit is 8€-7€=1€, the same as above. As you can see, applying this roulette system you always win 1€ no matter how often you lost. If you lose the bet in the third round again, you raise your bet to 8€ and so on. If you want, you can calculate the results of a forth of fifth round, but it becomes a bit complicated. The result is always the same. You win 1€. Rule:


You Always Win Double Your Bet Amount Whether

 You Have Lost Before Or Not



But What If Black Comes Up Every Spin?

Let me give you some additional information on the mathematics of this roulette system which causes this phenomenon. Why is it unlikely that the ball falls into a black (or red) pockets every time in a row? To understand this phenomenon you can conduct the following simple experiment:

Take a dice and play around with it a little while. Throw the dice and try to get the same result every time in a row, for example a "6". As you can see from this little experiment this becomes quite difficult. The more you want to get for example several times the result "6" in a row, the harder and more unlikely it becomes. Mathematically speaking, the likelihood of each single event, in this case the "6", has to be multiplied by the number of times you want to dice the "6", that means the likelihood to get one "6" is 1/6= 16,6%, the likelihood to get 2 times a "6" in a row is 1/6 x 1/6 = 1/36= 2,7% and the likelihood to get 3 times a "6" in a row is 1/6 x 1/6 x 1/6 = 1/216= 0,46%, which is in fact a really low probability. What do these results mean for our roulette system? From the experiment you can conclude that the likelihood to lose continuously in consecutive spins decreases and becomes really very very low (approaches zero) after a certain number of spins. In mathematics this phenomenon is called "Law of great numbers".



Too Difficult? Let's Look At The Following Results

Let's only think about the worst case, which means that you lose several rounds playing roulette. I will not consider the case that you win roulette. What you do with the money you win at roulette is totally up to you. Therefore let's look at the details explained above - very unlikely case of losing bets a large number of times in a row.


1) You bet 1€ on red! Ball falls into "black" pocket.

2) You bet 2€ on red! Ball falls into "black" pocket.

3) You bet 4€ on red! Ball falls into "black" pocket.

4) You bet 8€ on red! Ball falls into  red  pocket.


You win at roulette 16€...

online roulette gambling
(My Friend Mike)

As you investment 1€+2€+4€+8€=15€, you make a net profit of 16€-15€ =1€! Keep in mind that the probability of this case is already very low.

Later on I will give you a fantastic possibility to try this roulette system yourself for free so keep reading! Rule:

You Always Win at Roulette The Amount You Have Placed In The First Bet


For example if you have placed a bet of 2€ in your first spin and lost this spin, you have to bet 4€ and if you lose again 8€.

I recommend that you start with a small bet of 1€. This is the minimum bet for roulette in most Online Roulette Casinos.




  • You make a starting bet (I recommend 1€) and place it on Red or Black (I choose here Red)


  • You continue betting on the same colour you have chosen before (here Red) doubling the bet every time, until the colour you bet on wins!


  • As soon as you win (here: you bet on Red and Red wins), you have to start betting on the OTHER colour (here Black) the amount you have chosen before (here 1€).




Some Words About The "Zero"

When the ball falls on Zero you lose your current bet. This is not as bad as it seems, because it is basically the same as if the ball falls on the opposite colour. Therefore you react accordingly and go on doubling your bets on the colour you have chosen before until you win your bet. For example you bet on Red and the ball falls on zero. Then you keep betting on Red until Red wins.

After applying this roulette system you will see within minutes that you start to win big money!


Getting Started


Did you understand my roulette system of converting a loss into a win? When you feel ready you can now try it on your own. Don't try this roulette system with real money at first to avoid losing money due to mistakes placing your bets. Keep in mind that you MUST follow my instructions.  Any deviation, no matter how small or trivial, can result in a disaster! Please ensure that you read ALL THE WAY THROUGH the roulette system I described above BEFORE attempting ANY betting.

If you want to try my roulette system absolutely risk free, practice it in a "Play for Fun" mode. I guarantee that the casinos I recommend are absolutely secure and will not cause any harm to your computer.

Firstly, if you haven't done so far, you must download the Casino Software. Simply use the links below. I guarantee that any Casino Software you can download on this website is absolutely secure and will not cause any harm to your computer. I strongly recommend using the casinos below as I examined a large number of  Casinos and came to the conclusion that the Software I offer you on this site works best to maximize your roulette winnings.

Unfortunately Casino Club does not accept US-Players. If you are from USA simply try my roulette system at Rushmore USA Casino

Signup process at Rushmore USA Casino is very similar to the following steps, so just download the software here and you will see how it works.

Rushmore USA Casino offers US Players up too 2400$ for the first deposits.
That means if you deposit 100$ and get 240$ to play (+ 25% bonus for every first deposit greater than 100$)



 Step 1

Choose the casino you want to download by clicking the button on the right and download the Casino Software for free.  Every Casino software you can download on this website is absolutely secure and has a "Play for fun" mode where you can test my roulette system as long as you want without taking any risk of losing. At the beginning I STRONGLY recommend to start with Casino Club. Any further instructions refer to Casino Club serving as an example. Installation and menu navigation of every Casino software you can download on this site is almost identical.

play roulette for free

roulette betting system

Step 2

Install the Casino software - as stated above the software is absolutely secure - which is done quickly and the first step to put my system into action.

<- NEW: Up to 250€ Welcome Bonus at CasinoClub and up too 50€ Free Bonus EVERY MONTH! Exploit untill this chance fades away.

Step 3

After you finished the installation create a player account for free. To do so choose a nickname and a password after you have agreed to the licence agreements. You have to enter your date of birth and address data because of legal regulations to prevent underage gambling. If you worry about unwanted advertisement enter slightly incorrect data except your name. The account will work anyway. Please write down your nickname and password.

After signing up click on the button Login. After the software validates your account you will see two options at the top of the screen "REAL PLAY MODE" and "PRACTICAL PLAY MODE". My roulette system works and is tested, so you can START RIGHT NOW TO PLAY FOR REAL MONEY. If you want to practice for a few minutes, just choose PRACTICAL PLAY MODE to practice with the software and the games.

Select the game "European Roulette" in the menu "ROULETTE GAMES" -> "EUROPEAN ROULETTE". Click at the button JOIN. You can check "Turbo mode" at the options menu if you want to play faster. Choose a 1€ bet and place it on red or black. If you did a mistake take it back by clicking with the right mouse button.

Play like I described above. You will see that you are will make a lot of money in a short time.  Congratulations! What you just discovered is the first step towards your financial freedom without any worries about work or money.

EUROPEAN ROULETTE starts with 1000€.
I gambled about 15 minutes applying the system described above. You can see the results on the right.


Online Roulette Gambling


Online Gambling




Roulette Casino




Online Gambling









Step 4

After you have played around with the "PRACTICAL PLAY MODE" for a few minutes and convinced yourself of the effectiveness of my roulette system, you are now READY TO PLAY FOR REAL MONEY.

To play for real money, I recommend to make a deposit of about 100-150€. Depositing this amount of money my roulette system works best. Don't worry about the amount of money you deposit as you can easily refund  it back to your bank account at any time. To play for real money at Casino Club click on the menu -> CASHIER -> Deposit -> Credit Cards.

By depositing an amount of about 100-150€ you get an additional advantage: Online Casinos are offering Bonuses to new players which means that the deposit you pay in is DOUBLED by the Casino. (NEW: 500€ Summer Special Bonus, see below)

Almost always the percentage of bonus you get depends on the amount of your deposit. The higher the deposit you make, the higher the Bonus. Casino Club gives you a Bonus of 100% which means that if you deposit 150€ you get 300€ to wager. I will explain Bonuses in detail later on.


Online Casinos offer different deposit methods such as credit card, bank transfer, Moneybookers, EWalletXress, ePassporte, Western Union and some more. The easiest method to make a deposit is to register a credit card at the Casino bank. Don't worry about security issues. Casino Club payments are managed by "webdollar". Your card data are encrypted so that no one can secretly cut into to gain your data. Making a deposit with your credit card is much easier and quicker than other deposit methods. You can always refund back fraudulent transactions within a few weeks. If you don't have a credit card, there are other methods like bank transfer, Moneybookers and many more. Just go to the CASHIER menu and look what is the best for you.


Step 5

Are you already making money? Fine :-) Send this website to all of your friends, so everyone can profit from the wealth of the casinos. I think they earn enough and there is a need for more justice in the world, so send a link to this website to your friends.



Write me an E-Mail to get special non-public promotional bonuses for Casino Club. Just write to:


Rushmore USA Casino is the one of the few Casinos
which still accept US Players. So try my system

 at Rushmore USA Casino now.

Rushmore Online Casino - Get $888 Free Bonus


Perhaps you want to save time!

You were successful? Congratulations! Now you might be able to increase your bets. Let's assume you have made about 500€. To save time raise your bets to 5€. To gamble most effectively you can use this table:

Starting Capital Amount Of The First Bet
100€ 1€
500€ 5€
1000€ 10€
etc... etc...


Additional Money Maker:
Sign Up Bonuses

Many Online Casinos are offering Sign Up Bonuses for new players. They do so to give new players the possibility to try their games at a lower risk of loss. In some cases you get DOUBLE the amount you deposit, if your deposit is greater than a specific amount set by the Casino. I recommend to take use of these bonuses as it is additional money they offer you for free. After you have gambled for a short time you can cash out these bonuses. Write me an E-Mail to get special non-public promotional bonuses for Casino Club or Rushmore USA Casino. Just write to


New Exploit - Ultra High Bonus at CasinoClub

250€ Welcome Bonus - Act Now!

1st Month Bonus - 100% up to 250€
2nd Month Bonus – 100% up to 50€
3rd-11th Month Bonus – 100% up to 50€



Why Do Casinos Offer A Game They Cannot Win

When you use the roulette system which I described above, it is the Casinos that are the losers as they have to cash out more money than all players have paid in. Why are they doing this? Let me explain: Nowadays, Online Casinos experience a great rise in popularity. More and more people see the advantages of Online Gambling in contrast to Real Life Casinos. These are the high payout rate of up to 99.5%. No real life casino or lottery will cash out this percentage of money. When you gamble online you can start with very small bets to decrease your risk of loss. Furthermore you gamble anonymously and comfortably from home whenever you want. The rise in popularity of Online Casinos means that they can afford keeping players which cost them money as the losses of untalented players make up for the winnings of strong players.  Therefore they are still making good money running their business.

Keep in mind: Don't gamble without a system. Gambling is like anything else in life. If you don't have a plan you might possibly lose. Therefore follow my Roulette system and don't gamble randomly. I wish you all the best for your financial success!

  roulette gambling systems

Voices of Players


I made over 1000$ in just 48 hours! I would gladly pay over $2000 for this Roulette system. Thanks for all your help.

--Peter Brown, Florida

Hi! I am Anthony Torres from Mexico. This is simply unbelievable! I am debt free. The first time in 12 years. I didn't even need training. Your system is the real deal!

--Anthony Torres, Mexico

This system actually works. I made 500€ from it! I wish I would have found your website earlier.

--John Robert, Switzerland

The method IS working! I've been making money with online casinos in a similar way for three years!
One word of warning - watch the table limits! I once lost 600$ (online winnings, not my own cash) because the table kept coming up red to often! To avoid the system catching on to what you're doing, change tables every 20 minutes or so and don't get greedy. Doing so the system is a 100% winner.

--Ron Williamson, Sweden

Your roulette system has completely changed how I look at money.  This system is a killer. Thanks a lot for giving me this information.
--Kate Johnson, Australia
Yes this method does work, I tried it a while ago. I love your Roulette system.  I don't know what else to say. I will send this information to everyone I know.

--Anastasia Morgan, UK

I am completely blown away. I like your Roulette system more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier. You guys rock!

--Matt Powell, France


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